8th IEEE International Workshop on
Silicon Debug and Diagnosis - SDD 2012
Thursday November 8th - Friday November 9th
Anaheim, California
Immediately following the 2012 International Test Conference
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General Chair:
B. Benware - Mentor Graphics
Program Chair:
N. Nicolici - McMaster University
Special Sessions:
D. Appello - STMicroelectronics
Finance Chair:
B. Watt - Mentor Graphics
Asian Liaison:
K. Hatayama - NAIST
European Liaison:
C. Metra - U. Bologna
Electronic Media:
I. Bayraktaroglu - Oracle

Program Committee:
C. Boit - TU Berlin
C. Burmer - Infineon
K.T. Cheng - UC Santa Barbara
B. Cory - nVidia
A. Crouch - ASSET Intertech
J. Doege - AMD
B. Eklow - Cisco Systems
M. Fujita - Univ of Tokyo
J. Giacobbe - Intel
A. Guettaf - Broadcom
R. Guo - Mentor Graphics
S. Gupta - Univ of Southern California
T. Herrmann - Global Foundries
I. Hartanto - Xilinx
Y-C. Hsu - SpringSoft
D. Josephson - Intel
R. Kapur - Synopsys
T. McLaurin - ARM
P. Mishra - Univ of Florida
S. Mitra - Stanford Univ
A. Nahir - IBM
B. Quinton - Tektronix
L. Riviere-Cazaux - Freescale
M. Sonza Reorda - Poli Torino
J. Tyszer - Univ Poznan
S. Venkataraman - Intel
Q. Xu - Chinese Univ of Hong Kong
Z. Zilic - McGill Univ

Steering Committee:
R. Aitken - ARM
E.J. Marinissen - IMEC
F. Muradali - Texas Instruments
M. Ricchetti (Chair) - AMD
B. Vermeulen - NXP
Y. Zorian - Synopsys
Thursday, November 8th, 2012

16:00 Opening Remarks
Brady Benware, Mentor Graphics, and Nicola Nicolici, McMaster University

16:15 Keynote Talk
"Post-Silicon Debug and Validation in the Billion Transistor SoC Era"
Eric Rentschler, Fellow at AMD

17:00 Break and Poster Session (see below the list of posters)

17:30 Session 1 "Bridging Pre- and Post-Silicon Validation"
Moderator: Eli Chiprout, Intel Corp

Talk 1: "Bridging Pre- and Post-Silicon Verification Through FPGA Prototyping and Embedded Instrumentation: Current Practices and Future Directions"
Brad Quinton, Tektronix

17:50 Panel "Coverage Metrics in Post-Silicon Validation"
Rob Aitken, ARM
Darrell Carder, Freescale
Chuck Fleckenstein, Intel Corp
Dennis Wittig, IBM

19:00 Workshop Reception

Friday, November 9th, 2012

08:00 Invited Address
"Improving Design, Manufacturing and Even Test through Test-Data Mining"
Shawn Blanton
Professor of ECE and Director of the Center for Silicon System Implementation at Carnegie Mellon University

08:40 Session 2 "Defect Diagnosis and Yield Learning"
Moderator: Bharath Seshadri, nVidia

Talk 1: "Overlaying Silicon Results with Design Profiling to Discover Systematic Yield Detractors"
Shobhit Malik, Thomas Herrmann and Sriram Madhavan, GlobalFoundries
Chris Schuermyer and Geir Eide, Mentor Graphics
Talk 2: "Defect Localization Accuracy by Means of Effect-Cause Intra-Cell Diagnosis at Transistor Level"
Zhenzhou Sun, Alberto Bosio, Luigi Dilillo, Patrick Girard, Aida Todri and Arnaud Virazel, LIRMM, and Etienne Auvray, ST Microelectronics
Talk 3: "Coarse Set-Based Defect Diagnosis"
Jason Doege and Joshua Torrey, AMD
Talk 4: "Systematic Open Via Diagnosis Based on Physical Features"
Po-Juei Chen, Chieh-Chih Che and James C.-M. Li, National Taiwan University

10:00 Break and Poster Session (see below the list of posters)

10:30 Session 3 "Digital and Analog Diagnosis and Validation"
Moderator: Davide Appello, ST Microelectronics

Talk 1: "Volume Diagnostics with Static Timing Analysis to Improve Yield on Transition Fault Test Patterns"
Christophe Suzor and Salvatore Talluto, Synopsys
Nelly Feldman, ST Microelectronics
Talk 2: "Capturing Variability in Pre-Silicon Delay Models for Post-Silicon Tasks: Pin-to-Pin and Beyond"
Prasanjeet Das and Sandeep Gupta, University of Southern California
Talk 3: "Using Dynamic Laser Stimulation (DLS) to Accelerate Scan Chain Debug and Defect Localization"
Izak Kapilevich and Cathy Kardach, DCG Systems, Inc.
Talk 4: "Signature Testing for Post Silicon Validation of RF/Analog Circuits"
Abhijit Chatterjee, Sabyasachi Deyati, Barry Muldrey, Shyam Devarakond, Aritra Banerjee and Michael Giardino, Georgia Tech

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Session 4 "Design-for-Debug and Case Studies"
Moderator: Sandeep Gupta, University of Southern California

Talk 1: "Evolution of Graphics NorthBridge Test and Debug Architectures Across Four Generations of AMD Fusion APUs"
Arie Margulis, David Akselrod and Mike Ricchetti, AMD
Talk 2: "Physical Design for Debug - A Low Cost Method to Extend DFT"
John Giacobbe, Intel Corp
Talk 3: "Recent Case-Studies of Debugging Power and Reset Related Failures"
Nayana Prakash, Sanjay Krishna, Ranga Konduri, Abhijeet Shrivastava, Srinivas Vooka, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan and Srivaths Ravi, Texas Instruments

14:00 Break

14:30 Session 5 "Infrastructure Support for Debug and Validation"
Moderator: Paolo Bernardi, Politecnico di Torino

Talk 1: "System Level Instrumentation Using the Nexus 5001-2012 Specification"
Neal Stollon, The Nexus 5001 Forum and HDL Dynamics
Talk 2: "Towards Simulator-like Visibility in FPGAs"
Eddie Hung and Steve Wilton, University of British Columbia
Talk 3: "Time to Market Reduction from Pre-/Post-Silicon Verification to Production on ATE"
Atsuo Sawara and Angarai Sivaram, Advantest Corp
Talk 4: "An iJTAG based Solution for Testing And Debug of Embedded IP"
Givargis Danialy, Martin Keim and Liyang Lai, Mentor Graphics

15:50 Closing Remarks
Brady Benware, Mentor Graphics, and Nicola Nicolici, McMaster University

Poster Session on Thursday, November 8th, at 17:00 and Friday, November 9th, at 10:00

Poster 1: "Case Study of Silicon Debug and Design for Debug of a Complex System On Chip"
Pranay Kotasthane, Bipin Duggal, Vivek Balram, Guruprasad Poonja and Nagasuma Shashidhara, Texas Instruments
Poster 2: "Clean the Corners: Leveraging Pre-Silicon Verification Corner Cases to Post-Silicon Debug"
Zelong Sun and Qiang Xu, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Poster 3: "Hierarchical Multi-Agent Approach for DFx Logic Verification in APUs"
Jose-Antonio Cruz-Pastora, Francisco Duran-Urrea and David Akselrod, AMD
Poster 4: "Mutation Based Debugging Technique with Auto-Correction Mechanism for RTL Designs"
Payman Behnam, Bijan Alizadeh and Zainalabedin Navabi, University of Tehran, and Masahiro Fujita, University of Tokyo
Poster 5: "A SBST Approach to Test Data Hazards Mechanisms in Pipelined Microprocessors"
Paolo Bernardi, Ernesto Sanchez, Lyl Ciganda, Matteo Sonza Reorda and Michelangelo Grosso, Politecnico di Torino, and Oscar Ballan, ST Microelectronics
Poster 6: "Reduced-Complexity Trojan Detection Method via Delay Measurements"
Jianwei Zhang, Byeongju Cha and Sandeep Gupta, University of Southern California
Poster 7: "A Case Study on the Benefits of Functional Memory Access During ATE Test and Fault Isolation Techniques for Embedded SRAM"
Corey Goodrich, Texas Instruments
Poster 8: "Mutation Analysis with Coverage Discounting"
Peter Lisherness, Nicole Lesperance and Tim Cheng, University of California, Santa Barbara
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