8th IEEE International Workshop on
Silicon Debug and Diagnosis - SDD 2012
Thursday November 8th - Friday November 9th
Anaheim, California
Immediately following the 2012 International Test Conference
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General Chair:
B. Benware - Mentor Graphics
Program Chair:
N. Nicolici - McMaster University
Special Sessions:
D. Appello - STMicroelectronics
Finance Chair:
B. Watt - Mentor Graphics
Asian Liaison:
K. Hatayama - NAIST
European Liaison:
C. Metra - U. Bologna
Electronic Media:
I. Bayraktaroglu - Oracle

Program Committee:
C. Boit - TU Berlin
C. Burmer - Infineon
K.T. Cheng - UC Santa Barbara
B. Cory - nVidia
A. Crouch - ASSET Intertech
J. Doege - AMD
B. Eklow - Cisco Systems
M. Fujita - Univ of Tokyo
J. Giacobbe - Intel
A. Guettaf - Broadcom
R. Guo - Mentor Graphics
S. Gupta - Univ of Southern California
T. Herrmann - Global Foundries
I. Hartanto - Xilinx
Y-C. Hsu - SpringSoft
D. Josephson - Intel
R. Kapur - Synopsys
T. McLaurin - ARM
P. Mishra - Univ of Florida
S. Mitra - Stanford Univ
A. Nahir - IBM
B. Quinton - Tektronix
L. Riviere-Cazaux - Freescale
M. Sonza Reorda - Poli Torino
J. Tyszer - Univ Poznan
S. Venkataraman - Intel
Q. Xu - Chinese Univ of Hong Kong
Z. Zilic - McGill Univ

Steering Committee:
R. Aitken - ARM
E.J. Marinissen - IMEC
F. Muradali - Texas Instruments
M. Ricchetti (Chair) - AMD
B. Vermeulen - NXP
Y. Zorian - Synopsys

SDD 2012 will be held in Anaheim, California, USA, on November 8th and 9th, 2012, immediately following ITC 2012. It is the eighth of a series of highly successful technical workshops that consider issues related to debug & diagnosis of semiconductor circuits and systems - from prototype bring-up to volume production.

Because SDD 2012 is co-located with ITC 2012, you can follow the links on the ITC 2012 website to register for SDD 2012. The direct link to the ITC 2012 online registration is available here. Alternatively, you can register on-site while attending ITC 2012.

More details about the SDD 2012 program are available by browsing the above links or by ckecking the enclosed PDF files for the invited talks and the full technical program.
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